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When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy CoffeyI’ve read a lot of books, books that all seem to have the same, basic, mundane storyline…characters meeting their soul mate (whether they happen to be vampire or human), taking care of their ill family members before they are sent to their grave, or battling some alien race in a new dystopian future.  However, I’ve never read anything quite as captivating or unique as Billy Coffey’s book, When Mockingbirds Sing.  This book is about redemption, acceptance, and the unconditional love of family and Christ.

The Rainbow Man

Through a little girl named Leah Norcross and her “imaginary friend”, whom she calls the Rainbow Man, the little town of Mattingly is forever altered.  With Leah’s dad being the town psychologist, he is unsure whether his little girl, paired with her severe stutter and socially awkward presence, is “right” in the head.  But when Leah starts painting incredible and almost unreal pictures, he starts to rethink his doubts.  The book follows Dr. Norcross’s fall and rise back to the world’s one true Savior.

The Reverend

The town’s most well known preacher, Reverend Goggins, is convinced that the Rainbow Man’s presence is real…and evil.  However, a small shop owner named Barney is smitten with the idea of little Leah and her Rainbow Man, moved by them to the point to where he almost worships the Rainbow Man.  Barney and his stroke-stricken wife Mabel display unwavering faith and inspirational love throughout the book.

The Conflict

All the while, strange occurrences are happening in Mattingly which most attribute to Leah in a positive manner.  But great things start turning into darker things, beginning to convince most everyone that the reverend’s opinion is true.  With Leah’s one friend that she has gained in town, Allie, who stands by her side no matter what, she is still trying to prove that the Rainbow Man’s presence is only genuine in love and bringing good things.  Is the Rainbow Man real? Is he an evil being, as Reverend Goggins believes, or a spiritual guide like Barney has been shown?

I thoroughly enjoyed When Mockingbirds Sing, and it really made me think about life in general, and what is important.  It’s definitely not your typical predictable-ending book.  I would recommend this book to anyone, religious or not.  It may just affect you, as the characters in this book have been affected!

4.5 / 5 stars     

10 Responses to When Mockingbirds Sing – review

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  2. S. Etole wrote:

    I just finished this book last night. I was relieved I had a box of Kleenex close by. Billy has a unique way of spinning a tale that keeps one captivated until the very end. Your review states this well.

  3. Ann wrote:

    An excellent review that has made me want to read this book for myself. Thank you.

  4. Debbie DeMatto wrote:

    Beautifully written! I think I shall put this book on my “must read” list…right after Peter’s children’s book!

  5. peterp wrote:

    I really think this is a great review, Elayna!

    It gives a great synopsis – without spoilers and clearly shares your opinion and recommendations.

    You got it right first time… I can’t wait to see how good your stuff gets when you’ve been doing this a while!

  6. Zee wrote:

    I kept wondering about Reggie – whether he would turn out a good guy or not. Because he was so against Leah (and because of my own history of arguing about magic and whether there are different kinds of magic some of which are not necessarily bad, but rather misunderstood), my emotions were similar to Dr. Norcross’ towards the pastor.

    Great review – I like that you have separated it into mini-chapters.

  7. Audra Krell wrote:

    I just posted a review on this great book yesterday. I had a bit of a freak out this morning, when I opened your post and saw the picture, because I spilled a Starbucks Mocha on mine and it looks so similar to yours! I enjoyed and agreed with your review. Thank you for writing it!

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