Total Rewards Birthday Offer Fail

I tend not to do negative reviews here. If things are great, I say so. If things are OK, I’ll say that too, but generally if something is just plain BAD, I won’t waste my time.

This is not strictly a review, but it is a commentary on some VERY bad customer relations and use of social media (if email can be called social media).

The History

I recently stayed at both the Rio Las Vegas and Harrah’s Las Vegas, which I’m going to write reviews of when I get time, but suffice to say, I would happily go back to either.

While I was there, I joined the Caesars Entertainment rewards program, Total Rewards.

I’ve had no complaints about Total Rewards thus far, they gave great offers at the hotels and haven’t inundated my email box with junk…

But then they tried to email me something “special” for my birthday!

The Special Offer

The email title was:

“A Special Birthday Offer for Peter from Total Rewards”

and the email content looked like this:


Yes, they’re hoping that this will be my best birthday ever… and what’s more, they have an offer that I can view AND PRINT!

Clicking on the button though, brought me to here:

TotalRewardsBirthdayofferYes, it appears they are suggesting I should spend my birthday at one of their hotels…. but it doesn’t say anything about my ‘special birthday offer’.

The Fail

There’s a link to click though, which will show me some ‘special deals’… so maybe THAT’s where my offer is.

Why then have they suggested I print that page and even put dotted lines around the text in the center with a picture of a pair of scissors cutting along the line?

Why would I print a page on which I have to click a link?

That in itself seems like a bit of a fail…

But then it gets worse.

I click on the link and it takes me to this page:

Yes, that’s right, it’s their deals page, which is linked to from every single page of their website – and is available to absolutely everyone online.

My ‘Special Birthday Offer’ is that I can go to their website and book a room at exactly the same price as everyone else.

Gee… thanks, Total Rewards!

I feel special.

My Reaction

My guess is that, if I had spent hundreds in the slot machines and racked up thousands of rewards points, my offer might have actually been ‘special’. As it is though, it’s FAR from special… it’s a FAIL.

Using automated systems to send offers on people’s birthdays is a wonderful idea… but make sure you’re actually sending them something that’s at least different to what they would have got by visiting your site anyway, otherwise it just looks thoughtless and, frankly, insulting.

This isn’t going to tarnish my opinion of Total Rewards completely, but they really need to get their act together before next March.

I’d rather them send me nothing than send me an email where I have to click, then click on the page that comes up to find they’ve given me nothing!

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