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Welcome, PressReader, the Future is Here

New York PostBefore the iPad first blazed its way into our stores, it was feted as the new way to read magazines and newspapers. I remember watching a video showing how fantastic Sports Illustrated would be on it and how interactive it would become.

It was incredible. The future was here.

Then the iPad came and reality hit.

Apps were great but, initially at least, they weren't all they were cracked up to be. Over time they've improved, as has the functionality and abilities of the iPad but I've not seen anything that can truly say it revolutionizes the way we read newspapers and magazines.

... Until now, that is.

Now enter PressReader.


PressReader offers us a way to subscribe to and read our favorite publications from around the world in a way which is both familiar and from the future.

Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows touchscreen devices, PC and Mac, PressReader is truly a step forward in allowing us to read newspapers and magazines with ease and comfort

With a simple swipe to turn the page and linked articles, it's, dare I say it, almost better than actually having a printed publication in your hands.


What’s The Big Deal?

PressReader allows you access to any of over 2100 titles. Yes, you read that right, two thousand one hundred!

The publications come from over 90 different countries in 54 different languages, so unless you're seriously multi-lingual, you may not be able to read them all though.

You download your chosen magazine or newspaper to your device and then you're off - you can read it whether you're online or not.

You can flick through it as you would a paper copy or use the links to navigate around.

One of the things I've never liked about reading newspapers is the way they start an article and then say, "...continued on page 28" and you have to flick through to find the rest of the article.

PostReader overcomes that by adding a link to the rest of the article so with one touch you are transported to exactly the right spot.


I'd sit and list all of PressReader's many features including the facility to have it read the articles to you but if you want to know all that, you can just watch the video.

You didn't come here to find out what it does though, you came to find out whether or not it's worth it, and here's my answer...

Yes, yes and a hundred times YES!

PressReader hits all the buttons for me and finally makes my iPad a serious contender to printed titles.

It's not perfect, but it is REALLY good.

It's usable on my iPhone 4, but the size of the screen isn't great for reading text for long periods, which is no fault of PressReader's.

The reading selection is growing but still limited somewhat and you should definitely check out if your favorite titles are available before purchasing.

At $29.95 a month though, I have to say I think it's really good value for money.

Sure, $30 is quite a lot, but that's only $1 per day which is nothing for the quality of the app and the breadth of titles available.

Some Pros and Cons

There are way more Pros than there are cons but, like anything, there are a few so I'll get them out the way first:


  • It can be frustrating when there's a publication you want to read and it seems like PressReader has everything but the one you want!
  • There is no way to filter content against undesirable images or languages so there's no way to put a 'family filter' on it and protect your kids.
  • Sometimes I found navigation a little difficult when using the app on my phone, it's not like that on larger devices though.

Pretty much those are the only negatives I can find!

Pros and Cons Continued

... and now just a few of the pros:


  • Read magazines and newspapers the way they're designed to be read.
  • Changeable font size
  • Twitter share buttons
  • 2100 publications to choose from
  • See and read publications in their full layout
  • Print, email, facebook or text an article you like right from the app
  • Mac and PC clients available for free download
  • ...And the list goes on

GardeningWatch the video to see all about what it does, but this is definitely an app I would recommend if you enjoy reading newspapers and magazines.

I'd love to see parental controls added in and more titles would be great but all in all, it's a great app with very few negatives.

Definitely the best way I've ever seen to read newspapers or magazines electronically!

Go try it out today at

PressDisplay, who own PressReader gave me a free subscription to the service so I could evaluate it. However, that in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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