MotionSports for XBox360 – Review

Motion Sports for the Xbox 360 with Kinect

Get off the couch and actually PLAY video games at last! (and enjoy some sports from the comfort of your living room).

MotionSports for the XBox360 by Ubisoft is one of many titles being produced for use with the fabulous Kinect sensor.

One of the major problems with video games has, for a long time, been that they turn people into couch potatoes.

The only part of your body that got any exercise whilst playing video games was your thumbs and a couple of your fingers. Most people agree these days that spending large amounts of time being sedentary (except for wiggling a few digits) is bad for your health – so what’s the answer?

Nintendo took a major step toward finding the solution with the release of the Nintendo Wii – a device which came with controllers which reacted to how you moved them around in three dimensions.

This was great at first because it got gamers up off the couch and made them move around. Do you want to play tennis? Well, you’d better start swinging your arm like the controller is a tennis racquet… except you actually don’t.

It didn’t take most people long to realise that a sharp, swift , short movement did the same thing as a full arm swing and people were rapidly retreating to their couches and playing their motion activated games from a sitting position… again.

Enter the Kinect.

The fastest selling consumer electronics device in history.

Yes, you read that right. It sold faster than the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Wii… all of them.

The Kinect changed the game completely (literally) because it has a camera with which is watches the players’ movements and relates those movements to the characters on screen.

No sitting down lazily for this one, folks. This thing watches your head, arms, legs and body. If you don’t move, your game character doesn’t move.

This hailed a new generation of games – of the usual lesser and greater quality.

MotionSports was Ubisofts first foray into the arena of sports games for the Kinect and it’s a good starting place… kind of.

The big sports game to compete with is Microsoft’s own ‘Kinect Sports’, developed by Rare – and MotionSports, sadly, loses the battle.

When playing Kinect Sports, there is something amazing about how well the game reacts to your movements. Sure, it’s not perfect, but its close and you can be fairly confident that your game character will move with you.

MotionSports seems to lack the same sharpness of connection somehow. Quite often you’ll move and the game character won’t move in the same way as you (or won’t move at all).

There are six different sports to try: Football, Skiing, Boxing, Soccer, Horseback riding and Hang gliding.

In my opinion the latter two, Horseback riding and Hang gliding are the best  – the others lack something in game play.

None of them are BAD per-se, they just aren’t anything worth writing home about.

What I will say though is that this is a good start for Ubisoft. The whole area of motion sensor games is new to all of us and they have obviously worked hard to integrate the possibilities of the Kinect into a fun game.

What I’m looking forward to is the release next month of the follow-up, MotionSports Adreneline. The original MotionSports was released a year ago and I’m excited to see the improvements that I hope Ubisoft have made in the new version.

So… To the scoreboard:

The Pro’s

  • Gets you up off the couch and moving while playing.
  • At only $26 (on amazon) it is not unreasonably priced – and much less than Kinect Sports.
  • Watching other people pretending to ride an invisible horse in your living room is hilarious.

The So-So’s

  • Only six different games leaves you limited for scope of activities.

The Con’s

  • It’s not brilliant at detecting your motion.

Overall: 53% 


Not a complete waste of money but I suspect you’d be better off getting MotionSports Adrenalin (which I hope to be reviewing soon).

Ubisoft have kindly given us a copy to give away. To enter to win a copy, you get one entry for each of these things:

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