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FoundersCard is, well, it’s, ummm… how do I best explain it?… Let’s go with what they say on their website:

FounderCard is a membership community that provides entrepreneurs and innovators exclusive access to networking opportunities and unprecedented benefits.

I really couldn’t have said it more succinctly than that.

I discovered FoundersCard a few months ago and was struck by their fairly unique aim, which is basically this:

To give entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses access to the networking and discounts/benefits normally only reserved for large, well established businesses.

The concept is simple. By becoming a member, you join the community and thus increase the number of people in the community. The more people there are in the community, the more bargaining power FoundersCard have with businesses you may need to use the services of and the more like-minded people there are for you to meet and network with.

Innovators, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and whatever other titles you like to use, have something in common: They think differently to most people.

Founders are the type of people not happy with being part of the herd, they want to carve their own path and realize their own ideas.

If you’re self-employed or the founder of a business, you’ll have experienced the nay-sayers, the people who don’t see the world the same way as you do, who think that whatever it is you’re trying to do will never work – and will happily tell you so.


FoundersCard provides an opportunity to join a community of people who may not understand your idea, but do understand the passion that drives you to succeed and the hurdles you have to cross to get there.

Signature Events are where FoundersCard members get together to socialize and network with their fellow entrepreneurs and the events are held all over the USA Рand the world.

The FoundersCard Signature Events are probably a good enough reason to join, if you’re serious about your business succeeding, but the benefits that are negotiated by the card have the potential to easily pay for your membership every year on their own.


From discounts from the likes of Apple, Dell and AT&T to hotel discounts, frequent flyer program upgrades, travel discounts and benefits from all manner of essential business services, the range of benefits and the value of them is quite extensive and tailored specifically to the needs of the twenty-first century entrepreneur.

Membership is currently $495 per year, rising to $595 on February 1st, 2013 BUT, if you are interested in becoming a FoundersCard member, clicking on this referral link will get you a preferred rate of just $295 per year for life!

I recently met one of the guys from FoundersCard and was struck by how passionate and dedicated they are to helping start-ups have the best possible opportunities available to them at the click of a mouse button and from my experience with them so far, have no problem whatsoever in recommending FoundersCard to any and all who have the entrepreneurial / innovative spirit.

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