Easy Track Closet System – Review

I’d like to explain how desperately we needed a way to organize our shoes and the kids’ school bags, but it’s easier to just show you.

This is what the area by our back door looked like before and after installing the Easy Track organizer:

As you can see, it was a bit of a mess – and that picture was taken on one of it’s more tidy days!
Disclaimer: It's complicated. I won an Easy Track system in a competition and then paid extra to make exactly what we wanted. So... anyway. I have no bias toward Easy Track, this is just what I think of the system.

The Easy Track system has given us places to store everything  – and only took a couple of hours to put together.

Let me just say, we would not have bought this if I hadn’t won the majority of it in a competition. We do things on the cheap – thus the reason that all the shoes were kept in a basket, shoved under a table.


This system may be more expensive than the self-build stuff we normally buy and there’s a reason for that.


I cannot tell you how impressed I am with how easy it was to put together or how sturdy and well built the pieces are.

Take the drawers, for instance. The drawers come flat-packed. Here’s one laid out flat on a piece of cardboard.

Image of an Easy Track system draw, laid out flat

Each side of the drawer is attached at the corner to its buddy by a sort of hinge:

All you have to do is put a little of the provided glue in the joints and fold it up.

I love it!

Everything comes flat packed and the hardest part is hanging the rail that the provide at the right level on your wall – which really isn’t all that hard at all!

It all links in from there. The main pieces just hook onto that and you tie them together with the shelves and other stuff.

Easy-peasy. So easy in fact that even I could do it!

I’ve gotta say, I’m really pleased with how it came out and am really impressed with the construction of the materials. This thing is built to last!

The systems are designed for closets, mainly, but as we’ve shown, they can be used anywhere and the large number of configuration options make them really versatile.

So let’s see how they score:

The Pro’s

  • Good quality, strong materials
  • Ridiculously easy to put together
  • Lots of options so you can customize it the way you want
  • Friendly, helpful staff

The So-So’s

  • The price. It’s a little expensive in our opinion, but you do get good quality for your money so, on balance, the price isn’t BAD, nor is it great.

The Con’s

  • It’s HEAVY! I guess it needs to be heavy to be sturdy and well made but it can be a little tricky lifting some of the pieces into place.


Overall, we’re pretty impressed with the Easy Track system from The Stow Company. It’s high-quality, easy to build stuff. We’d recommend it to anyone, but beware, it can quickly get quite pricey if you add too many extras to it!
If you’re reading this before September 15th 2011, you can enter The Stow Company’s giveaway for a chance to win a $5000 garage organizer! Just click here.

Overall: 80% 

2 Responses to Easy Track Closet System – Review

  1. katdish wrote:

    Color me impressed! I love the bins. Will you be reviewing books here as well?

    • peterp wrote:

      That’s the plan!

      I might even recycle some of my old reviews… like Snow Day before their authors launch new books!

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